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Beyond TV 4.9.3 Build 6535 Crack & License Key

Beyond TV Crack & License Key

Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download Beyond TV [Crack]

Beyond TV is a powerful application that helps you record your favorite TV programmes through the TV tuner card and play the content on multiple devices at the same time.

More like a media center utility, Beyond TV has an easy to navigate interface, allowing you to play recorded shows, watch live TV, access the program guide, set up recordings, burn to DVD some of the recordings stored on the computer or enter the configuration screen and adjust the program's settings.

One of the most innovative tools packed into Beyond TV is the so-called SmartSkip, which is a dedicated utility supposed to help you skip multiple commercials or certain parts of a show automatically. Of course, the feature isn't available from the moment the recording comes to an end, as the program needs to collect information on every single recording.

Another good thing about Beyond TV is the ShowSqueeze tool that was developed to lend a hand to all users who want to save some disk space by automatically compressing the recordings.

Besides all the aforementioned features, the program also helps you play the recordings on the TV and on the other connected devices at the same time, organize videos on your computer and even schedule recordings to easily record you favorite TV programmes.

Of course, Beyond TV needs a moderate amount of hardware resources and although it works okay, it may stress up the CPU and RAM a little bit during the recording process.

It works okay on Windows XP, but on Windows 7 it changes the color scheme to Windows 7 Basic, while the machine seems to be slowed down a little bit.

But overall, Beyond TV is indeed a great application, but it still needs some performance updates to work flawlessly on all Windows versions.

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