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Biometric Fingerprint Reader Crack + Activator Updated

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Crack + Activator Updated

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Biometric Fingerprint Reader is a complex and reliable piece of software developed to function as a FileMaker plugin, which provides you with the ability to restrict access to important or sensitive documents, by using an individual's finger print as a password.

In order for the utility to function properly, you need to have FileMaker installed on your system, and a compatible biometric device which can create the initial finger print entry, as well as verify future access attempts.

The addition of a new person's finger print is called 'Enrolling' within the program, and this allows you to input any or all of their fingers, though it advises you to use the index finger.

However, the first time a new user is added, all ten fingers should be enrolled, as it becomes more difficult to add other fingers to an already recorded employee, while also being a matter of supplementary security.

To enroll a finger print, you will first need to input the employee's name, that should not exceeed fifteen characters, after which you can click on the targeted finger in the main window of Biometric Fingerprint Reader. For the process to be successful, the scanning will have to take place four consecutive times for each finger, in order to make sure the print is accurate.

When someone needs to verify their identity, they will be required to place the finger whose print they enrolled on the reading device, letting the application analyze it and allow them access to the files they want to work with.

Additional functions include the ability to manage the level of access that you allow to a certain employee, even having the option of clocking them in or out of FileMaker.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader ensures an increased level of security, as it bases access to your most important documents on an individual's identity, rather their a PIN number, password or card, all of which are easily transferable.

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