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BitComet Acceleration Patch 7.3.0 Crack With Serial Key Latest

BitComet Acceleration Patch Crack With Serial Key Latest

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Download BitComet Acceleration Patch [Crack]

If you're one of the many BitTorrent users, you sure know how important it really is to take full advantage of the great speeds this file sharing protocol has to offer.

To help you in this respect, there's BitComet Acceleration Patch, a tiny utility that's supposed to enhance the overall download speed without requiring any user interaction.

In just a few words, what BitComet Acceleration Patch does is to modify some of BitComet's settings to enable you to connect to more seeders and thus increase the download speed for your torrents.

The interface is very simple so that everyone can use it. All you have to do is press the 'Push to activate acceleration' button and the application will do the rest.

BitComet Acceleration Patch also gives you the opportunity to choose the network interface BitComet works on. In the same time, you can view some useful information about the connection type and status, the connected time as well as the total bytes sent and received.

After a testing the capabilities of BitComet Acceleration Patch we noticed that the download speed increased but the boost was not as high as some would expect. The whole operation of this utility depends very much on the Internet connection type and speed because it will have a more significant impact when used for DSL rather than high-speed cable broadband.

All in all, BitComet Acceleration Patch is a very easy to use and if you are on a slow Internet connection it can actually prove its worth by tweaking your BitComet's settings to obtain the best performance possible.

BitComet Acceleration Patch Crack With Serial Key Latest BitComet Acceleration Patch Crack With Activator Latest BitComet Acceleration Patch Crack + Activator Download 2024

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