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Blaze Audio Wave Creator 4.80 Crack Plus Serial Key

Blaze Audio Wave Creator Crack Plus Serial Key

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Download Blaze Audio Wave Creator [Crack]

Wave Creator will bring you full audio editing and transformation capabilities with a clear, simple, easy-to-use interface.

Now using a wave file editor to work with your music and audio is as easy as editing text - cut, copy, paste, and crop the audio until it sounds right to you. Use the overview window to navigate within your file, and zoom in to sections of the wave for precision editing.

You can choose from a veritable library of effects to polish and perfect your audio, including 10 band equalization, echo, fade, flange, normalization, reverse, amplification, and more.

Wave Creator will even let you adjust sampling rate and bit depth and mix multiple wave files together.

With Wave Creator you can edit mp3 or wave files you've downloaded from the Internet, tracks ripped from CD, or record your own wave files from any source your computer supports (try Blaze Audio RipEditBurn for a program that combines this powerful wav editor with ripping and burning abilities).

That means you can use the microphone to record your voice or other sounds, explore the different options that plug into line-in, such as tape decks and turntables, or even convert MIDI to wave if your sound card supports that. In addition,

Wave Creator has a built-in mp3 ripper and mp3 converter so you can easily convert to and from the MP3 format. All of these features are set in an intuitive user interface, and our complete set of help files is easily accessible, should you need extra help.

With Wave Creator you can create mp3s of your band's best song for distribution on the web; record your voice and overlay it on top of background music; fade out the end of a song that is too long to make it shorter; double that great guitar solo in your favorite song to make it twice as long. From now on, Blaze Audio Wave Creator comes with lifetime FREE product upgrades.

Take control of your music with Blaze Audio Wave Creator.

Here are some key features of "Blaze Audio Wave Creator":

■ Capable of recording from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, etc.)

■ Full graphic waveform window allows you to see a visual display of your audio and zoom in or out at will

■ Open, Edit, and Save MP3 files.

■ Cut-and-paste editing of your audio in the waveform window

■ Support for three different sampling rates (11, 22, and 44 KHz) and both 8 and 16-bit audio

■ Edits and records both stereo and single-channel audio

■ 10-band equalization

■ A number of special effects such as echo, flange, and chorus can be applied to your audio

■ Amplification and automatic volume normalization

■ Ability to mix sounds (you can overlay your voice on top of music)

■ A reverse feature that will play audio backwards

■ Most effects can be applied to both channels of stereo audio, or each channel separately

■ Will automatically trim silence below a certain threshold

■ Mute

■ Conversion between different types of audio (for example, 8 to 16 bit).


■ Soundblaster compatible sound card.


■ 14 days trial.

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