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BootIt Bare Metal 1.91 Crack + Serial Number Updated

BootIt Bare Metal Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Modifying boot options and managing partitions are tasks that require quite a bit if experience from the user and, more importantly, a set of befitting tools to carry out actions that are rather sensitive and may damage the system if not handled properly.

A utility that aims to provide the necessary functions for several jobs related to hard disk maintenance is BootIt Bare Metal. Through a simple interface, which focuses more on practicality rather than good looks, this software will enable you to create and modify partitions, boot options and much more.

With extensive support that includes MBR, EMBR as well as GPT, BootIt Bare Metal allows you to deal with pretty much any type of disk. The boot management features offer great control over installed operating systems and their boot order, while the disk imaging capabilities make possible the creation of full backups and data recovery as well.

Resizing partitions can be done without affecting or destroying data from the areas that are subject to the operation. BootIt Bare Metal supports NTFS, FAT32 and FAT Windows-specific partitions and also Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 Linux partitions.

A neat functionality that is made available by this utility is the ability to convert disk types from MBR or EMBR to GPT and the other way around. Another welcomed feature can help you choose any partition to boot from (logical volumes included), even if you have 16 hard drives connected to your system.

In case you have more than one OS on a specific partition, you will be able to boot them without any difficulty. More so, as soon as it is installed, BootIt Bare Metal detects the existing operating systems automatically and adds them to the boot menu.

Thanks to the solid feature-pack that enables it to manage partitions, create backups and restore data, while also taking care of boot order or partition tables, this software seems to be one of the best choices if you're looking for an all-round disk management solution.

BootIt Bare Metal Crack + Serial Number Updated BootIt Bare Metal Crack + License Key Updated BootIt Bare Metal Crack Plus Serial Number

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