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Bopup Communication Server Crack + Serial Key Download

Bopup Communication Server Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download Bopup Communication Server [Crack]

Bopup Communication Server represents a comprehensive solution for secure messaging across a local network, regardless of its size or the number of users. The program can provide secure and effective communication tools for you and the members of your organization, via a configured SQL server.

Thanks to the affiliation with the SQL Server, Bopup Communication Server provides efficient data centralizing systems and allows you to manage the transfer channels. The program offers support for accessing the Active Directory, as well as for storing and logging messages or transferred files.

You may easily configure Bopup Communication Server to suit the structure of your business and provide effective messaging means for all the members of your organization. Specific parameters for intra-network communication can be configured, such as user permissions, for reading, modifying or deleting messages and documents. Moreover, you can set the premises for logging or archiving data, as well as edit history options.

Bopup Communication Server allows you to quickly access all the aspects of the network communication means. The column on the left allows you to select a configurable sheet from the tree structure while the working space on the right displays the available options or the data retrieved from the server.

You can configure the organizational units, by managing user permissions, finding specific entries or monitoring their statuses. Moreover, you can manage the messaging groups and the news messages, as well as overview the file distribution. The created tasks can be assigned to the users in your team and monitored from the same interface.

Bopup Communication Server can also handle file and message histories, being capable of logging and archiving the received/sent items. Powerful searching functions are available, for each monitored activity branch, so that you can easily identify the item you are looking for. Moreover, the program can also work as a reliable IM client.

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