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BulletProof FTP Server 2019.0.0.50 Crack + Serial Key

BulletProof FTP Server Crack + Serial Key

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BulletProof FTP Server allows the user to create an FTP server on a computer so that multiple clients can connect and exchange data.

Although it may sound like a lot of trouble, setting it up is not complicated thanks to the intuitive interface and easy to understand set of options.

However, you should be warned from the start that this is not a tool for the average Joe and computer knowledge is required in order to make sure that the data exchange is completed securely and under optimum conditions.

The simple and straightforward interface presents all the necessary details about the server in the main application window. The details are interactive and allow changing the configuration by simply double-clicking on the entries.

The list of options is impressive and offers the administrator total control over the connection and how it is used by the clients.

The settings available ensure the smooth running of the server taking into consideration various aspects such as firewall protection, client connections coming from different addresses or the bandwidth assigned for the file transfer purposes.

Security measures such as password encryption or blocking FXP (server to server) transfers are also present in the application. On the same note, it can restrict the number of connection attempts with the wrong credentials and it can temporarily ban users that keep trying to connect when the maximum number of connections has been reached.

However, despite the ease of use and the great list of options, BulletProof FTP Server lacks many of the features present in software of the same feather.

BulletProof FTP Server can prove a great asset for an administrator that wants an easy to configure solution; but for someone that wants a full-featured, complex FTP server the application might not provide the necessary flexibility.

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