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BurnInTest Professional 10.2 Build 1011 Crack + Serial Number Updated

BurnInTest Professional Crack + Serial Number Updated

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There are various circumstances that require you to check the health status of your hardware components. Even though it is not a task that should be done by anyone, there are various available specialized applications that stress out components and have them checked for errors. BurnInTest Professional is probably one of the most comprehensive and thorough of them all, with the possibility to handle nearly anything installed on your computer.

The application comes in compatible versions for both x86 and x64 based system in order to be accessible by a large public. Not a lot of effort is required on your behalf to go through the setup process, and once this is finished, you are free to launch the application.

Everything there is to know about your system is displayed in a dedicated page. This is but the first tab of the available four, these only being strictly information-wise. You can also view Burn In results, event log, as well as temperature for finished processes.

Unlike most benchmarking utilities, BurnInTest Professional lets you put nearly any hardware component under the scope. By default, you have several quick tests you can perform, such as maximum CPU temperature, CPU coverage, RAM, 2D or 3D graphics, local or removable disk scan.

In addition, you can perform custom test cases you can thoroughly modify from the preferences menu. From CPU, RAM, graphics, network, disk to printer, sound and a lot more, each of these categories have a dedicated page in the preferences menu, with thorough options you can set for custom test cases. For example, you can choose a custom number of cores to be tested under CPU, as well as extensions like SSE, AES, 3DNow! and more.

Take caution though, poor management of these options can lead to instability or even permanent damage to hardware components, because during these tests, devices are stressed to the maximum.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that BurnInTest Professional is the tool for any enthusiast and expert user. It does not take a lot of time to get acquainted with its features and there is even an online help manual. However, use it only after a solid documentation, because the risk of frying devices is high.

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