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CA Anti-Spyware 2009 Crack & Serial Key

CA Anti-Spyware 2009 Crack & Serial Key

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download CA Anti-Spyware 2009 [Crack]

CA Anti-Spyware 2009 is a software application that comes packed with scanning and cleaning capabilities for helping you detect and get rid of spyware, adware, cookies, or other suspicious data that may compromise your computer’s security.

It boasts a clean and intuitive GUI that gives users the possibility to perform a quick scan or a custom one. The first scanning method looks for potential items in the common location on your computer, while the second one enables you to select the files and folders to scan for spyware.

At the end of the task, you can view the number of detected spyware, and delete the suspicious items, move them to quarantine, or add files to an exclusion list to ignore them from future scans.

Other important features worth mentioning allow users to schedule a scanning operation by specifying a start and end time.

What’s more, you can make the application scan all user accounts, run a scan on startup, delete cookies automatically, play sounds for warnings, errors and completed tasks, and move detected spyware to quarantine automatically.

CA Anti-Spyware 2009 keeps a log which gives details about the deleted or quarantined items, and you can limit the size of the log and save it to a plain text file. Plus, you can view statistics about the number of scanned files and quarantined spyware.

During our testing we have noticed that the program carries out the scanning process quickly and without errors throughout the entire process.

All things considered, CA Anti-Spyware 2009 offers an intuitive working environment and useful features for helping you keep your computer clean and safe from potential web-based threats.

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