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Caddy 1.1 Crack Plus License Key

Caddy Crack Plus License Key

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Caddy is an advanced vector based software, but very easy to use. In this program you can draw lines, rule lines, rectangles, ellipses, polybeziers, polygons, polylines, text and images.

You can rotate and resize all the objects exactly like you want. All objects have many different kind of options that you can set very easily. The program have a special object inspector to set all options of the work sheet and also all options of the objects. You can see the object inspector on the picture to the left (right side on the picture).

The work sheet can be set in every scale you want and with pixels, millimetre, centimetre, inches and metre.

You can print out your projects with paper sizes A0 to A5 and B3 to B5 or your own custom size.

The projects you build you can save in commonly files or in a database that you create by your self. Projects saved in a database file is very easy to browse and you open your projects very fast.

When you build your projects it is good to have ready combo objects to drop on the work sheet. You can make this combo objects by your self and save them in to a library that you also create by your self. You can build the combo objects with lines, rectangles, ellipses and so on and then save them to your library. When you start a new project you have all these combo objects ready and you can draw them with the mouse from the library and drop them on the work sheet.

Caddy is written in English and Swedish language and you can by your self translate a language file if you want to have another language.


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