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Cam Wizard 7.0.2 Build 2138 Crack + Serial Number Updated

Cam Wizard Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Download Cam Wizard [Crack]

Cam Wizard is an easy to use application that turns you regular PC webcam into a surveillance system, offering a highly-configurable motion detection tool to help it do its job.

The whole purpose of the program is pretty simple: Cam Wizard keeps an eye on your webcam and from the moment it detects motion in front of the camera, it automatically starts recording a WMV file.

While the interface is pretty easy to use, not the same thing can be said about the settings menu that comprises tons of options for every single feature of the app.

For example, Cam Wizard also boasts FTP and email support, which means you can also automatically upload recordings on a FTP server or send an email notification once a new recording has been created. In this regard, the settings screen lets you set up the server address, subfolder, username and password, or email account and custom body text.

Obviously, if you have multiple webcams installed on your computer, Cam Wizard lets you choose the one you wish to use, but also configure the audio input and output devices.

Additionally, Cam Wizard has multiple dedicated features to set up motion detection, but also enable scheduling to automatically start a recording at a predefined time and date.

The application works fairly smooth and although it sometimes seems to eat up CPU and RAM, it generally needs just a reduced amount of hardware resources to serve its purpose.

All things considered, there's no doubt Cam Wizard is a handy piece of software and the fact that it's highly customizable makes it appropriate for any type of user. You may spend a few minutes setting up the application, but in the end you definitely get an affordable and effective surveillance system.

Cam Wizard Crack + Serial Number Updated Cam Wizard Crack + License Key Updated Cam Wizard Crack Plus Serial Number

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