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CamUniversal Crack Plus Serial Number

CamUniversal Crack Plus Serial Number

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CamUniversal is a general webcam and IP-cam manager, prepared to meet all the demands related to a camera device including motion detection, recording and image capturing.

It can handle an unrestricted number of devices and can work with webcams, IP and remote cameras, TV tuners and virtually any video recording gadget that is connected and installed properly on your computer.

It is aimed at both home and office use, being able to manage as many tasks as you like without putting too much stress on computer resources. Prerequisites make a very short list, therefore an average computer can cope with it just fine.

It records videos on demand, but can be scheduled to start the recording process according to a preset timetable, with the possibility to upload the output files to a FTP server or to send pictures to your email directly.

The motion detection feature can be set to function in a user-defined time range and to run various actions once motion has been identified in the stream: it can run an external program, play a sound and notify you by email.

Furthermore, with the built-in AVI creator, users can put together images captured in a whole day and the result will be a slideshow of the pictures in fast motion. The snapshots can wear a timestamp, so as to be able to identify the time and date they were taken.

In a nutshell, CamUniversal features a wide array of options and can be a major game changer for users interacting with camera devices on a daily basis. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive and offers a myriad of possibilities to use any video recording gadget to your advantage.

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