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CardBase 4.0 Crack With Activator Latest

CardBase Crack With Activator Latest

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Before technology was as evolved as now, we used to search for a contact using the physical phonebooks, which took a lot of time to look up for a specific person among hundreds of pages. Now we can use different types of virtual agendas, one of the being CardBase, designed to help keep track of numerous personal or business phone numbers, addresses, emails and websites.

The program is a lightweight and intuitive application that lets you create a customizable organizer for all your contacts. It's wrapped in a well-structured yet outdated interface that comes with a standard menu all the necessary fields to insert a contact.

When it's run for the first time, the options window is displayed, from where you set up the area code, local PBX, name, company, address and postal code, along with email and port configuration settings. Those properties can be later changed from the menu.

Before entering records is recommended to create a database by saving it to a safe location. Some of the required fields are the company title, full name, home and email address, different phone numbers and website. You can copy information from another document directly into the proper area, or cut it for further usage.

The tool lets you change the layout view by hiding the status bar or customize it with other icons, sort the items by group or company name, navigate between them and set the window on top of others. If FAX and phone numbers are present, the app gives you the option to send an FAX or directly call a specific person.

From the menu, you can enable optional features, such as show tool tips, place the icon in the taskbar, minimize to the systray at startup, back up the list automatically, and warn sounds in dialog boxes. If you want to protect the database from unauthorized persons, you can set up a password. Make sure you remember it as there is no option to retrieve it.

Taking everything into account, CardBase is a handy and user-friendly utility that comes to help generate and populate multiple databases in which you can securely store all kind of personal and work-related contacts.

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