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CDA Player Plus 3.1.2 Crack & Keygen

CDA Player Plus Crack & Keygen

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CDA Player Plus is an application designed to help you play and convert an audio CD using the CDA format.

CDA is a file extension that exists on an audio CD and refers to the audio track. It doesn’t contain any audio data so you can’t convert it but you can use it to grab the songs from a CD.

CDA Player Plus displays a user-friendly interface and loads the tracks from a disc as soon as it is inserted into the drive. You can view their name, size, length and creation date. Quick controls for playback and CD ripping are also provided.

The application offers playback support for file formats such as WAV, AIFF, APE, CDA, MP3, OGG, AU, VOC, and WMA but can only convert them to WAV, MP3 and WMA. Which is not that bad since these are the most used audio formats in circulation today. Before you convert any of the tracks on disk, you can access information about them and even edit their ID3 tags.

The ripping process itself is as simple as can be. From the list of available tracks you select the ones you want to grab, choose their new format, destination, filename and then click the ‘Rip’ button. In case you want to get into details about the quality of the converted tracks, CDA Player Plus allows you to customize bitrate, samplerate, VBR quality and choose between different types of codecs.

CDA Player Plus grabs the tracks in the exact order in which they are displayed in the application but you can easily rearrange them if you need to. Moreover, you are also capable of customizing the filename format before the tracks are converted.

In closing, if you’re looking for a simple to use tool that can rip tracks from an audio CD and convert them, then you should try CDA Player Plus.

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