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CENTENNIA (formerly Centennia Historical Atlas) 3.11 Crack + Activation Code

CENTENNIA (formerly Centennia Historical Atlas) Crack + Activation Code

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Download CENTENNIA (formerly Centennia Historical Atlas) [Crack]

CENTENNIA is an educational software application that delivers a cartographic guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East from the beginning of the 11th century to the present. Static maps are brought to life using an animated mode that allows you to explore and visualize past events, such the most important wars and territorial conflicts that have shaped up the world (e.g. the Ottoman Empire, the Hundred Years War, the Mongol invasions, the Napoleonic Wars, the First World War, the Chechen wars).

The program makes use of two windows for helping you control the map and view information about historical events.

The map window gives you quick access to an evolving map of Europe and the Middle East. You are given the freedom to zoom in out of the map, enter a specific date, as well as tweak the time controls to check out the changes in the map over the centuries.

The text narration panel is designed specifically for revealing detailed historical facts as they occur in the map window and gives descriptions about the international political situation at that given moment.

CENTENNIA gives you the possibility to click on a country or region at any date in order to view the name of the county and controlling power and provide a date in order to jump to a specific target by skipping over intermediate events or displaying the events at fast speed.

There are controls (‘+’ and ‘-‘) for increasing or decreasing the date, and you may also swap back and forth between a pair of entered dates in order to view an animated display of the map in time at variable speed. Additionally, you may pause the animated mode.

CENTENNIA allows you to print the maps, copy the maps to the clipboard or save them to PNG file format (you may choose between several resolution values), change the color scheme of the map by turning on or off colors for individual countries, show or hide country names, cities, city names and headlines, activate the map in full screen, as well as jump to specific events, places and people.

All in all, CENTENNIA comes with an interactive suite of features for helping you teach or study history in a fun way by visualizing the most important turning points in history and reading detailed information about each significant event.

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