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ChangeIP Crack Plus Activator

ChangeIP Crack Plus Activator

Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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ChangeIP is a very easy to use application that comes to lend a hand to those using multiple networks with the same laptop, offering a very quick way of changing IP configuration.

There are multiple similar apps on the market, but ChangeIP impresses thanks to its simplicity, which means it can be safely installed by all types of users.

The interface is the first sign of the simplicity that's hiding underneath its hood, as it relies on a clean look with big buttons to add new IP configurations, edit or delete the existing ones and change the IP on the go.

You need to define the IP settings manually, so you have to provide a name for each profile and write down the address, submask, gateway, DNS servers and proxy. Additionally, you can also pick the adapter you wish to use, in case there are multiple ones installed on your computer.

While it works flawlessly on all Windows versions, we missed a System Tray icon that could give access to the user-defined network profiles a bit easier.

ChangeIP supports an unlimited number of settings and one of the best things about it is that it doesn't require a system restart after the new IP settings are applied.

As said, it runs on low resources and doesn't seem to affect system performance in any way, which makes it perfect for both older and newer machines.

As a conclusion, ChangeIP is the right piece of software if you wish to switch from one IP settings profile to another in a quick way. It doesn't have a help file, but chances are that you won't even need one.

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