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ChemDoodle 7.0.2 Keygen Full Version

ChemDoodle Keygen Full Version

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Whether you’re a chemistry teacher, full time chemist or just into chemistry, at one point you’ve certainly looked for a way of putting your thoughts and ideas on a digital piece of paper.

ChemDoodle is an application designed to help you draw simple molecules, as well as create complex chemistry documents that can be used in either projects or publications.

From the first time you run ChemDoodle and you get the feeling that this is a piece of software to which a great deal of attention has been given in terms of intuitive use, practicality, efficient workflow and an abundance of tools.

ChemDoodle displays a user-friendly interface which can be freely manipulated. All its toolbars and widgets can be reorganized and manipulated anyway you see fit so you can create the perfect working space. Besides the doodle board on which you do all the drawing, the application offers you a series of tools for files and formatting, strokes, labels, rings, bonds arrows, orbitals and shapes along with anything else that is required to create exactly what you need.

Moreover, you can also benefit from drawing aids for atoms, bonds, rings and molecules allowing you to work as precise as possible. It also supports spectroscopy, reactions and enables you to calculate descriptions and properties that come from molecular forms and masses.

ChemDoodle is created to be a powerful and easy to use piece of software at the same time. In this sense it’s worth knowing that it offers support for file types such as ChemDraw, ISIS/Sketch, ChemSketch, MarvinSketch, CML, MOLfiles, PDB, InChI, SMILEs and much more. This gives you the possibility to cooperate on large scale projects with multiple people that create their contribution on different applications without having to worry about any compatibility issues.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, ChemDoodle is by all means a great tool to have with you for any kind of chemistry related task.

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