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Chord Miner 1.0.2 Crack & License Key

Chord Miner Crack & License Key

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Download Chord Miner [Crack]

Chord Miner is the best chord reference and repertoire tool designed to suit guitarists of al levels.

With over 7,000 chords including multiple voicings of 41 chord types in every key you'll always be able to find the chord you need. Once you've found the chord you can easily see alternatives that would help you to create your own individual sound.

How many times have you played a chord that sounds great but you don't know what it's called? With the Chord Identifier feature you can solve the mystery and name any chord simply by clicking the fret positions on the interactive fretboard.

Being able to listen to the chords not only allows you to check and correct what you're playing, it makes it easy to compare different voicings and then to choose the one you want to play.

With the Chord Set feature you can create and store with full chord diagrams, a group of chords that go together. These may be a favourite chord progression or simply the set of chords used in a particular song. If you're working on a particular lesson with a teacher, you can see in one place all the chords you're supposed to be learning. Thousands of chord sets have already been created so you can easily download the chords used in the majority of popular songs.

Whatever your playing level, Chord Mine is a unique feature that connects the chords you're learning and playing to the same chords as they are used in thousands of the worlds most popular songs.

If you're a beginner and you've just learnt G, C, and D, Chord Mine will show you all the songs its possible to play with your 3 new chords. If you're an advanced player or teacher wishing to explore or explain the use of a complex chord or group of chords, Chord Mine will show you all the songs that use your example

You can easily look at the chords favoured by particular bands and artists, get an insight into how they write songs, and use this knowledge in your own song-writing.

Here are some key features of "Chord Miner":

· 40+ interactive guitar lessons

· Professional instructional videos with full-screen & slow-motion

· Practice tools, including variable-speed backing tracks & repetition loops

· Animated, variable-speed fretboard and strum hand to check fingering

· and accuracy

· Audio accompaniment to build ensemble performance skills


· 30 day trial

· Nag screen

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