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Chords! (formerly Easy Chords) 1.0 Crack & Activation Code

Chords! (formerly Easy Chords) Crack & Activation Code

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Winamp is a popular application among users worldwide, mainly due to its ease-of-use and intuitive interface. Another reason why users like Winamp is because it supports plugins which add more value to its functions. Such an example is Chords!.

Once installed onto a computer where Winamp is already set up, this audio plugin analyzes and identifies the chords and guitar tabs of a chosen track.

It is instantly displayed when Winamp is launched, and users simply need to choose any song from their playlist to be analyzed - this step needs to be completed individually for each song in the playlist.

After the scanning is finished and the song is played within Winamp, the plugin displays all the detected chords of the song, so that music enthusiasts can easily follow the notes along with the song.

In addition, when people want to copy the chords or just take some time to analyze the displayed notation, they can simply pause the current track and write down the notes they are interested in. Then they can press the Play button and resume the playback process until the song ends.

When Chords! is no longer needed, it can be uninstalled from the Preferences window of Winamp, in the Plugin section, so that all its traces are removed from the computer.

To sum it up, Chords! can come in handy to all those who like music and want to improve their knowledge without resorting to costly classes or teachers. Nonetheless, this plugin also needs to be purchased if users are satisfied with its performance and want to use it past the evaluation period.

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