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Chris PC-Lock 3.70 Crack + Activation Code

Chris PC-Lock Crack + Activation Code

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Whenever you leave your desk there’s a chance someone, either a co-worker or a member of the family could access your PC. Chris PC-Lock is a small utility that can help you password-protect the computer.

The software comes with a small interface that doesn’t stand out in the visual department. However, it does its job and helps you adjust the way the app works.

Basically, the program enables you to set up a password. This keyword is required to unlock the computer and, thus, to resume work.

The app’s settings let you adjust a few details about the way the software works. Thus, it can run automatically at startup, or even lock your computer immediately after it powers up. Additionally, a password can also be set for the app’s settings in order to prevent someone else from modifying the preferences.

You can always lock the computer manually, or have it enter lockdown automatically after you’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time.

Also, the screensaver can be disabled while the PC is locked. During this time, Christ PC-Lock can display a series of pictures. The background can be a simple color or a picture slideshow. In order for this feature to work, an input folder must be selected. The software already comes with a default location, but you can change it easily. Furthermore, you can customize the picture’s size, the image order and the slideshow time delay.

Advanced settings enable you to fiddle with the background transparency.

Overall, Chris PC-Lock is a nice app that can be useful. However, Windows comes packed with a similar feature, with fewer customization options.

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