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Clean Slate 11 Build 4921 Crack With Serial Number Latest

Clean Slate Crack With Serial Number Latest

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Computers end up working slowly or malfunctioning due to various reasons and factors. In most cases, they break down because someone installed a virus carrying application or changed advanced system settings without actually being aware of what they are doing.

So, in a sense, you have to protect your computer from yourself or others that are inexperienced and might end up breaking it without even knowing it. To help you prevent these kinds of scenarios, a special tool has been developed.

Clean Slate is powerful piece of software that makes it possible to revert a system to its initial state after it is rebooted or a user logs off. In other words, you can use the computer, perform all the changes you want, download and move files around, but when you restart it, everything is back the way it was when you first opened the computer.

Clean Slate makes it possible to undo any type of change that is made to your computer, whether it’s an installed driver or a replaced icon on the desktop. This feature proves to be very efficient in dealing with viruses, spyware or various types of malware that end up on your computer without you being aware of it.

Clean Slate displays a comprehensive interface with a main window separated into two sections. One allows you to choose the category where changes can be applied, and the other allows you to view and access each individual one.

Whether you go to the ‘Basic Settings’, ‘Allowed File and Registry Operations’, ‘Special Applications’ or any other category, the items you access are displayed in a list that tells you whether that feature is enabled or disabled, as well as its group override status.

Changing the property of a specific component or application is itself a simple task. All you have to do is double click it, and choose the action you want to take. It’s relatively straightforward but in certain moments, a bit of know-how goes a long way.

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover, it’s safe to say that Clean Slate is a really good tool to have when you own one or more computers, that are free to access by general public, and keep them running accordingly after each use.

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