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ClickBook Crack + Serial Number Updated

ClickBook Crack + Serial Number Updated

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If you are looking for an easy-to-use application that can help you organize documents and images, print them using various designs and convert files to PDF, you can try ClickBook.

It allows you to print content using numerous preset layouts, suitable for day planners, wallet booklets, greeting cards, brochures, posters, business cards, banners, CD covers, bookmarks, photo albums and many more.

Note that some functions, such as configuring Quick Click Printers and saving project files, may not be usable when running the program on the latest operating systems.

Because the program functions as a virtual printer, you can access it by activating the print function in any program you might be working with, then choosing the ClickBook printer.

Once the application has been launched, any delivered content is automatically rotated and realigned, to fit the chosen design. You can then alter the printing layout to best suit your needs.

ClickBook enables you to arrange content in various ways, depending on the purpose of the printed documents. The application also offers a wizard mode, to help you choose the layout best suited for a particular task.

Moreover, you can modify every aspect of a chosen profile, then save it as a new layout. These customized designs can then be organized into relevant categories.

You can create PDF files from any printable content and modify various layout and security settings. The application can automatically name the output file, optimize it for online transmission and convert the colors in the document to grayscale.

Additionally, the program can protect files with 40-bit or 128-bit encryption and allows you to set owner and user passwords. Also, it is possible to apply various restrictions, preventing users from modifying or printing the document.

Overall, ClickBook is a useful application, designed to help you convert any type of printable content to PDF, as well as organize documents and images and prepare them for printing.

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