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ClockWallpaper Crack With Activator

ClockWallpaper Crack With Activator

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ClockWallpaper is a simple Windows software product that changes your desktop wallpaper and displays the current time and date in a very eye-appealing style.

The application plays the role of a typical wallpaper, but it doesn’t use the Active Desktop system or Flash, which means that it doesn’t affect system performance at all.

Since it also shows the current time and date, ClockWallpaper allows its users to set alarms, but also customize the clock by enabling Arabic symbols, AM/PM time or changing the skin.

Setting up a new alarm is as easy as pie because you only need to select the time and date, write down a message to be displayed together with the alarm and save your settings.

The bad side of ClockWallpaper is the lack of more advanced settings and customization options. While you can create alarms, you’re not allowed to pick a different sound or launch a program together with the alarm. What’s more, the app comprises just a single sound file, which means that you can’t customize this feature at all.

On the other hand, ClockWallpaper supports skins and although only a single one is included in the standard package, more can be found online. Installation is pretty easy, so rookies shall be on the safe side all the time.

Overall, ClockWallpaper is an outdated app that needs a lot of improvements to become a top product in this particular software category. It works smoothly on all Windows versions and although it provides a few options, experienced users may be very disappointed with the overall amount of customization settings. On Windows 7 however, the color scheme is switched to Windows 7 Basic every time you launch the app.

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