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CloudXplorer 4.9.0 Crack + Activation Code Download

CloudXplorer Crack + Activation Code Download

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Download CloudXplorer [Crack]

CloudXplorer is an intuitive program, created for the quick management of Azure cloud storage accounts. The program allows you to connect to one of the supported accounts, then view its contents, manage content types or control the cache. Further configuration options allow you to import or export items in the storage.

CloudXplorer is a reliable desktop client that allows you to easily manage the contents of your cloud storage account. The supported services include Amazon S3, Azure Blobs, Azure Blobs devstorage, Azure Files and Google Storage.

The application allows you to configure one or several profiles, each associated with one of the supported services. You need to authenticate to each of the accounts you create, to gain access to the file list.

Once connected to can access the file structure in the cloud storage and easily manage the contents. You may download or upload files to the cloud, as well as create new folders or delete the existing ones.

CloudXplorer allows you to create a list of favorite subfolders in the cloud storage account, for quick access and enables you to sort the files by name, date, size or type. You can preview each file as HEX code, in text view or as an image.

You may change the layout of the management dashboard, to display the files as large/small icons, in a list and with or without details. The Attributes menu allows you to define the content types, by associating each type to an extension.

CloudXplorer features a powerful searching engine, which uses two alternative methods for finding the desired file: depth search or the pattern search. You need to select the account in which you wish to find the file, then enter the name. The Report tool can generate a file inventory for the selected account and container/bucket/share.

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