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CLOX 8.02 Crack With Activator

CLOX Crack With Activator

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Global telecommunications have made the world a smaller place. It is no longer uncommon for people to keep in touch over multiple timezones, and while the Internet can easily help you figure out what time it is somewhere across the globe, sometimes having a stylish timepiece, such as CLOX, on your desktop is just more convenient.

The application is easy to use and requires practically no installation.

One simply has to double-click and run the program. It will then display between one and ten configurable clocks.

These clocks can be set up to show time in different timezones and can have custom captions displayed beneath them. The actual time data is obtained automatically from the Internet, so it is always accurate.

The Zones window enables you to set the time-zone for each of the clocks, as well as their associated captions. By clicking the TZ Info button, users can input a city's name in order to determine what timezone it is situated in.

By accessing the Options window, you can further configure your desktop clock. The application features multiple built-in skins which can suit any desktop. The window also provides controls for the number and style (analog or digital) of clocks displayed.

Other settings available in the Options window include those related to the application's map and calendar functions. The map can be displayed in the upper half of the application's main window and it can be automatically resized along with the application's window.

CLOX offers you an eye-catching desktop clock which can display time across multiple timezones. It is easy to use and has a small resource footprint, making it suitable for almost any computer configuration.

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