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Colasoft Capsa Free 11.1.2 Build 11128 Crack + Activator (Updated)

Colasoft Capsa Free Crack + Activator (Updated)

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Colasoft Capsa Free is a software tool that can be used to reveal detailed information pertaining to your network, so that you can easily monitor it and troubleshoot with great ease when required.

The installation process is quite smooth, and wrapping it up brings you to a clear-cut interface, built on two tabs, one enabling you to view a graphical representation of the adapter status, while the other helps you add packet files, in formats such as CAP, BFR, TRC0, PKT, 5VW, RAWPKT and CSCPKT.

This utility encloses multiple types of inquiry profiles you can take advantage of, such as traffic monitor (statistical data about excessive network traffic), HTTP, e-mail, DNS, FTP and full analysis. The latter provides you with detailed information about all applications and network problems.

Upon completing a type of analysis, you can view summary reports, with details such as number of error events, total traffic, packet size distribution, number of remote and local IP addresses, data link, network, transport and presentation layers, DNS queries and responses, SMTP and POP3 connections, and the list goes on.

Colasoft Capsa Free supports a MAC scanner, packet builder or player, as well as a matrix view of top 100 physical conversations and nodes. Packets can be exported, the view can be easily customized, decoder settings can be tweaked and IP and physical endpoints can be detected.

The system’s resources will not be burdened, as the program uses low CPU and memory, which means you can easily run it alongside other apps.

To sum up, Colasoft Capsa Free proves to be a useful piece of software, especially for people interested in tracking their network. The UI is intuitive, response time is good and the environment is feature-rich. You should also know there are two other counterparts, bundled with even more options, a professional edition and an enterprise one.

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