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ComiPo! 3.52.00 Crack With Activator

ComiPo! Crack With Activator

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Drawing and painting are activities that most of us experience from early childhood, but only a select few go along this path and make a name for themselves through beautiful or simply clever artistic creations.

Cartoons and other related animations are the delight of children and no exception are the well-known Japanese comics called mangas. If you are a fan of these drawings and dream of designing some of your own one day, you will surely be glad to come across ComiPo!.

This software solution is especially tailored for authoring mangas from scratch and personalizing them by combining a wide variety of elements. The interface is quite user friendly and provides quick access to all the tools and commands that make possible the creation of stunning comic strips.

As soon as you will start a new project, you cannot miss one of the best features of this utility, namely the support for three-dimensional characters and objects. There are only a few built-in items in both categories, but you have thew possibility to create new characters or edit existing ones.

There are many body parts and additional accessories that you can work with, starting from the face type and eye color and including hair style, glasses, shoes or clothes. The position of each item you add to the new character can be adjusted using the corresponding sliders and the preview pane will give instant feedback, so you can evaluate the changes in real-time.

Each layer you add to the project in ComiPo! can be rotated, flipped and otherwise customized until it looks the way you want it to. It is also possible to add filters and modify 3D settings with only a couple of clicks.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that, at least for those who want to learn the basics of manga making, ComiPo! is a pretty nice tool. Easy to use and with a decent feature set, this program can represent a good starting point.

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