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Contour OLAPBrowser Activation Code Full Version

Contour OLAPBrowser Activation Code Full Version

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Contour OLAPBrowser is a web-oriented software for data access, analysis and interactive reporting on a single PC, on the local network or on the web.

It provides multi-windowed user interface for viewing interactive reports, web pages and MS Office documents in a single application. With OLAPBrowser users can slice and dice through data, make graphical analysis, configure and print multiple reports with sub-second response times.

Contour OLAPBrowser gets data and reports from Contour microcubes, which are mobile report containers storing extremely compressed multidimensional databases and sets of nice formed reports. Such file can be published to web sites, network directories, or sent by email.

OLAPBrowser has easy to use and user-friendly interface based on MS Internet Explorer. User should just type the URL of the microcube he wants in the Address bar or click a link on the web page to receive a pack of his company's reports.

Use Contour OLAPBrowser to create global and enterprise information delivery systems, Executive Information Systems, OLAP solutions for workgroups, and personal analytical applications.

Here are some key features of "Contour OLAPBrowser":

■ Processing millions of rows with sub-second response times

■ Dynamic data filtering, pivoting, drill-down and roll-up

■ Interactive drill-down into multiple detail levels

■ Show/hide detail levels in summary views

■ Interactive filtering of dimension members

■ Sorting table by dimension members or facts values

■ Hierarchical dimension filtering for navigation in thousands of members

■ Interactive instant switching between ascending and descending sort orders

■ Automatic sizing of columns and rows to fit values into cells

■ Header and footer in RTF format that provides sophisticated reporting with headings and comments

■ Exporting reports into HTML format, also acceptable by MS Excel and Word

■ Presentation-quality colored or grayscale reports generated without writing code

■ Print preview with Zoom, Scale and Fit to Page

■ Allows to create web-based OLAP solutions

■ Users can load reports stored at web sites just by typing URL or clicking a link

■ Multiple aggregation functions: Sum, Min, Max, etc.

■ Calculated facts, based on predefined functions or user-defined formulas.

■ Hierarchical fact structure that allows to define calculated facts based on other calculated facts

■ Allows user to add and edit facts at runtime interactively in Excel style

■ Rich set of dynamically calculated statistical functions: Average, Variance, Standard Deviation, Root Mean Square, Variance Ratio, Count.

■ Four fact calculation modes: Data source records Count, Leaves Count, Child Count, Data source Count Field

■ Several percentage calculation algorithms: by row totals, by column totals, by subtotals, by previous period, by fixed period

■ The unique "LAST" aggregation algorithm allows you to analyze stocks, inventory stock, balance sheets, loan balance and other data with balance carried forward

■ Advanced dynamic Ranking algorithm

■ Powerful multidimensional Formula language that allows to operate on any elements of cube data.

■ Conditional operators, built-in functions, user-defined functions and constants in formulas

■ Date and time fields can be broken into series (Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Ten-Day Period, Day of Month, Day Of Week, Time, Hour, Minute, Second)

■ Shows data in multiple tables and charts

■ Provides numerous chart types, allows to set lots of chart properties

■ Allows to change data appearance at design time as well as at runtime

■ Conditional styles gathered in cascading stylesheets allow users to define colors and fonts for data highlighting based on custom rules

■ Allows user to create new interactive reports in a minute, and to get data directly from Excel and XML documents

■ Gets data from arbitrary relational databases and XML files.

■ Saves data and reports in one compressed file - microcube

■ Supports MDI - Multi Document Interface and allows to view multiple reports, web pages and office documents in one screen

■ Allows to save windows layout to XML file for further reuse and publishing. For example, Windows Layout can consist of a company web page, interactive balance as a microcube and any report as MS Word or Excel document

■ In conjunction with Contour CubeMaker, OLAPBrowser provides an easy to use report distribution technology

■ Allows to distribute reports via local network and intra- / internet

■ Allows to distribute reports worldwide to users equipped with OLAPBrowser

■ Allows users to share information and send reports to each other

■ Any interactive report can be exported in HTML, Excel, Word or CSV-formatted text file for exchange with other applications

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