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CPUFSB 2.2.18 Crack Plus License Key

CPUFSB Crack Plus License Key

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Tweaking the system CPU in order to obtain high-grade performance is common practice for power users and overclocking aficionados. Tinkering with the front-side bus (FSB) settings can be quite a daunting job which, when carried out carelessly, may result in irreversible damage to the processing unit.

To adjust frequencies and other parameters in a more safe manner, you can now use CPUFSB, a small but effective utility especially tailored for this purpose. The program is also equipped to manage Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) of integrated circuits and works bets in conjunction with another software, the well-known CPUCool.

With CPUFSB you can modify the factory settings for both Intel and AMD chipsets/southbridges and the list of supported mainboard and PLL manufacturers can be viewed from within the program when selecting the options.

Thus, you can pic the type of chipset and PLL and then get the FSB frequency from the device and set it to the desired value. CPUFSB enables you to check out the actual frequency and the multiplier. Also, you can get the PLL output and view the string i the corresponding box.

Another tweak you can perform is setting the frequency for the system power off. You can even choose an FSB value that will come into effect the next time CPUCool is started. Tray frequencies 1 through 4 can be manually adjusted, but with extra care because wrong values will harm the CPU and render it unusable.

Taking into consideration the fact that CPUFSB is not your average tool that any user can put to work without any effort, it's best to leave it in the hands of the more experienced. It is not hard to input some values or make adjustments inside its main window, but it requires advanced knowledge and, therefore, it is recommended only for professionals and power users.

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