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CurrentWare 5.5.300 Crack With Activation Code

CurrentWare Crack With Activation Code

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When you are in charge of ensuring the well-being of a business, you have to keep an eye on your employees and boost their productivity as much as you can.

Some of your staff might try to slack off every now and then, especially when they are assigned to computer-related tasks, by accessing various entertainment content or chatting. Fortunately, you can easily manage these situations by using specialized software, such as CurrentWare.

CurrentWare provides you with a standard interface that provides you with easy-to-understand functions, although setting up the program and customizing certain options might prove to be difficult to non-experienced users.

This handy utility comes with a detailed quick-setup guide that you can access in case you encounter any issue when first running it. Despite its functions being quite self-explanatory, there are many parameters that require advanced PC knowledge in order to be properly configured.

CurrentWare provides you with multiple network-monitoring solutions, so you can better manage content and limit access to it, if necessary. This handy toolbox is divided in several categories, thus providing you with increased accessibility.

From the AccessPatrol tab, you can block numerous device types, schedule them to work for only a limited time and generate detailed reports. CurrentWare features an Allowed List you can configure to exclude certain items from your restriction options.

The BrowseControl category allows you to apply numerous Internet restriction solutions, such as limiting quota, scheduling Internet usage time, filtering URLs, downloads, apps and ports or disabling Internet altogether.

Under the BrowseReporter tab you, can create detailed reports regarding Internet access within the network you manage by running URL trackers, generating network-usage statistics and sending results to a specified email address.

More so, this application comes with power management functions packed in the enPowerManager category, thus allowing you to remotely send Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate signals to every machine under your supervision.

You can organize the machines in your network in groups and copy settings from one to another, for easier management.

CurrentWare comes with numerous network management tools, but also requires high resources and can prove to be quite a demanding application.

In conclusion, this handy toolbox utility can provide you with advanced network monitoring or management functions and detailed user guides, though it requires advanced computer knowledge and quite high system resources.

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