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Data Map Pins 1.0 Crack With Activation Code Latest 2022

Data Map Pins Crack With Activation Code Latest 2022

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Data Map Pins was designed as a geographical information system, GIS, for map data plotting. It is intended that businesses would use it to plot their own data onto their own maps to analyse their business trends.

As such it is an excellent tool for marketing and sales analysis, crime pattern analysis, location tracking, planning and so on. You get the maps and provide your data and the program will do the rest

Here are some key features of "Data Map Pins":

■ Grid Systems - Uses the popular and well established easting and northing system. The program will cater for many of the widely used and accepted grid systems in use today, such as OS Grid, Irish National Grid, UTM, MGRS. Data Map Pins can handle a wide range of grid reference data up to 0.1metre resolution. You can additionally plot using postcode data using a third party postcode*/address with grid references conversion database such as ADDRESS-POINT.

■ Map Copyright - After inserting a map, users are invited to complete the map copyright information and any licence details as per the map copyright owners wishes. This information is used on screen and in printing etc. Display of this information is usually a requirement of copyright licensing.

■ Layering - These are like clear sheets added over your map onto which data can be plotted and objects are drawn. Each layer can be renamed, locked, hidden, shown and positioned amongst existing layers. You can add as many layers as needed. Ideal for showing different sets of data against each other.

■ Grouping - Any object can be grouped with other objects and also existing groups into a new grouping and the new group given a name. Any included group becomes nested within the new group. Ideal for grouping / nesting of related data. Grouping can be nested up to as many levels as you like.

■ Locking - Lock down any object to prevent moving changes etc. Layers can also be locked therefore preventing any changes to any objects on that layer.

■ Plotting Styles - You can plot your data as pins, coloured area plotting, region plotting, and as lines if needed. Plot your data onto a new layer and group it as required. Pins can take the field data from your recordset and use this as a screen tip, each pin therefore carrying a unique data record details. Coloured area plotting requires any number of enclosed shapes to be drawn onto areas of interest on the map. These include ellipses, rectangles, polygons, irregular shapes. These shapes are selected and when plotted to, they are coloured according to the amount of data plotted into them. Region plotting can be any object other than a pin to which data is plotted into its region. Both region and coloured area plotting have a screen tip added to the objects stating the plotted information.

■ Mail Shots - Draw and select some desired enclosed shapes onto your map covering areas of interest. Then using a suitable database you can output a text file suitable for use with a mail merge program. The addresses in your database only need to have a related grid reference. Any addresses found within these areas of interest will be output to your file for use. Useful for targeting existing or new clients.

■ Output Object Tips - Select all objects such as pins which might for instance contain addresses in their tips. Then use a command to output the tips to a text file. Useful for contacting existing clients plotted on a map etc.

■ Object Tips - All objects are given a screen tip which pops up when the mouse cursor hovers over an object. These tips can be the fields from plotted data, or names that you can edit manually as desired. Tips also show layer and group and nested group information.

■ Full Database Support - Connect to any database using ODBC drivers, or many of the popular databases and spreadsheets around today, including the popular csv, tab, text files.

■ Pin Designer - Design your own pins using the built in pin designer. Pins can be the default coloured ones as seen on these pages, or any other basic drawing type such as rectangles, polygons, ellipses, icons, pictures and even OLE objects. Pins can either be placed manually or by the plotting of data onto the map.

■ Drawing Tools - For drawing objects such as lines polygons, ellipses, text, pictures etc onto your chosen map.

■ Line designer - Design custom lines for drawing onto the map e.g. dash dot styles (Windows NT or XP versions only).

■ Formatting - Format all objects to your required taste including lines, fills, shadows, drawing modes etc.

■ Cut, Copy, Paste - fully supported and allows data to pass between documents and other applications. Copy objects with or without the map and also copying as an OLE object supported. Data Map Pins has its own native clipboard format.

■ Drag and Drop - for moving your objects around with the mouse and drag copying.

■ Undo and Redo - most actions can be fully undone and redone to infinite levels. These can be cleared up as needed to free up memory using the clear undo command.

■ Print and Print Preview - fully implemented support for printing and previewing your documents. Shows page breaking and printers printable area. You can set page sizes and margins to suit printed output as well as printer driver parameters which are stored in each document.

■ Save As - Save your documents not only in the native file format, but also as picture files. Any portion of the document can be positioned inside its window and its present view saved. These saved views can be used for the intranet, other programs etc. Useful for presenting plotted data to others. Save-as can also be used for generating re-usable templates.

■ Templates - Templates are documents saved with the dmt extension instead of dmp. These permit the user to create re-usable templates which form the basis of a new document when they are opened. When you save a template the save-as dialog will always appear, offering the user a choice to save these as a dmp document instead and preventing the template from being over written. If you want to save-as a template you can do that also to update the saved template. Templates are very useful where you are continually plotting to the same map set-up.

■ Multi-Document Interface - Have several documents open at once and even several views of the same map to view several different areas on the map.

■ Full OLE Support - Object Linking and Embedding is fully supported. Link and embed your documents into other OLE programs or put other program documents onto your maps.


■ Some features have been disabled such as saving and printing

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