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Database Tour Pro Crack Plus License Key

Database Tour Pro Crack Plus License Key

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Database Tour Pro is a comprehensive software application that enables you to organize all your connected databases. It offers support for Borland Database Engine (BDE) and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), SQL scripts, reports, along with data conversion and exporting, among others.

Wrapped up in a large window with a well-structured layout, the interface seems outdated. It contains an object browser for functions, packages, triggers, directories, users, roles, profiles, sequences, jobs, types, Java, exceptions, database links, general properties, tables, schemas, and procedures.

Tables can be created, deleted, emptied, duplicated, renamed or packed. You can allow table editing, view deleted records, set a table password, change the language driver, add, remove, rename and resize fields, add, delete or regenerate indexes, check out the table family, as well as verify referential integrity.

When it comes to queries, Database Tour Pro lets you save, load and print SQL scripts or history, and explore a wide range of predefined query templates which can be seamlessly inserted into the project, like select, update, insert and delete, add or drop field, and create view or create table.

It's possible to isolate, start, commit and roll back transactions, review the database history, clear the password list, resort to a search-and-replace function, as well as locate objects and fields.

The software utility puts a bunch of useful tools at your disposal, including arithmetic functions, batch operations with text fields, a report builder and previewer, printer for table data, data importer and exporter, file encryption and decryption, in addition to a command-line generator.

We haven't encountered any issues in our tests as far as stability is concerned, thanks to the fact that the program didn't freeze, crash or prompt errors. It used low CPU and low-to-moderate RAM, and executed user commands swiftly.

Its interface needs some improvements in the visual department, though. Otherwise, Database Tour Pro should satisfy the preferences of many advanced users looking for a cross-database report builder.

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