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Dataram RAMDisk Crack & Serial Key

Dataram RAMDisk Crack & Serial Key

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Dataram RAMDisk is a compact program that allows you to use your RAM memory in order to create a disk partition. The new RAM drive can be used to store the files that need to be frequently accessed by various applications.

RAM drives are designed to help you improve the response time of various applications by providing a higher read and write speed than the hard disk drive. Since there are no mechanical components required to access the memory, the access time is only limited by the RAM performance.

If you want to configure a RAM disk on your computer, this configuration utility enables you to easily specify the type of partition that you want to create and its size. Additionally, you can create a disk label and a folder for the temporary files.

You can use this program to create a new FAT partition or an unformatted disk that can be managed with other applications. Thus, the user has the option to format the partition with the desired file system, including NTFS.

The Advanced Options enable you to use FAT16 or FAT32 or load the files from an image file. The memory can be automatically cleared when shutting down the system and loaded every time you start the computer.

Although the program features a simple interface, casual users should read more about RAM drives before allocating a significant part of the memory for this purpose. The included documentation provides the basic information and a detailed presentation of the software.

In our tests, the application successfully created multiple RAM drives and launched the Windows Disk Management tool when creating unformatted partitions.

If you want to test the computer performance when using RAM drives, the Dataram RAMDisk app can help you configure the partitions with minimum effort.

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