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DB Audio Mixer & Editor 1.0 Crack & Activation Code

DB Audio Mixer & Editor Crack & Activation Code


Download DB Audio Mixer & Editor [Crack]

DB Audio Mixer & Editor is an application with an accessible interface for visually mixing, editing and adding audio effects to your music.

DB Audio Mixer & Editor will turn your PC into a digital sound mixer and editor powerhouse! Whether you're a budding musician, a students, a DJ or just creating cool sound effect or mix CDs, this tool is for you!

If you're using audio for anything, PowerPoint presentations, websites, Flash animations, recording your own audio book, background music or sound effect for your drama class, then this tool is for you!

With this tool, you can easily create your own music, using your computer's microphone or other input device, and record your own voice, guitars, drums... anything.

You can then mix, edit, add special sound and filter effects to your music! You can even rip tracks from CDs and convert from one audio format to another, all via a simple and user friendly graphical interface!

With DB Audio Mixer & Editor you won't need three or more separate programs for editing, mixing, editing, converting, and recording as you probably do now. Everything is totally integrated in one friendly graphical interface.

Here are some key features of "DB audio mixer editor":

■ Supports over 12 audio formats including the popular MP3s, WMAs, WAVs, Oggs, AIFF and many more. You can easily import/export from one format to another.

■ Open and work with as many simultaneous sound files as you want. Perform unlimited Undo/Redo operations for each files.

■ View a graphical waveform image or a spectral view of an audio file. Zoom in/out, allowing you to see the small details and work on a specific section of the audio file. Easily edit, cut, paste, and mix your audio files visually.

■ Play an audio file or record from a microphone or from other input device. You then have full control over the sound, allowing you to cut, copy, and paste audio; crop out unwanted segments or mix your sounds with an existing sound to produce your own unique sounds.

■ Apply sixteen different sound effects such as amplify, fading, volume normalization, stretch, frequency equalization and more. You can even adjust the exact setting for each effect to produce the exact sound.

■ Apply seven different audio filters including set the exact setting for Band Pass Filter, FFT Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, and NotchFilter.

■ Comes with complete help documentation to help you get the most out of DB Audio Mixer & Editor.


■ 14 day trial

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