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DBabble Server and Client 2.9g beta Serial Key Full Version

DBabble Server and Client Serial Key Full Version

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Faster and easier than Email, the DBabble communications solution is ideal for Internet Service Providers and large and small companies wanting to deliver the benefits of real time communications to their organization and users.

DBabble is easily customizable, does not require direct internet access, and can be run stand alone on a small company network or integrated into large scale internet services provided by ISP's or corporations. DBabble's unique multi-server protocol allows users to initially connect via any standard web browser.

A free Windows client provides more extensive facilities, but avoids all the issues of special proxy settings by using html protocols. The Windows client also allows users to see when friends are online, send instant messages with attachments and to join or create discussions and chat sessions.

DBabble can be managed entirely from within it's user interface by any user with administrative privileges, or, for increased security, from specified IP addresses.

DBabble provides chat rooms and discussion groups that can be created by any user who has permission to do so, and discussions can be linked to Usenet (NNTP) groups and interfaced to Email.

DBabble can act as an NNTP server so that news-readers can read DBabble discussions as if they are newsgroups. DBabble also operates as an SMTP server for the purpose of accepting incoming mail intended as articles for it's discussion groups.

This lets users instruct DBabble to email any new articles in a particular discussion group directly to them. Chat rooms and discussions can be made private so that only specified users have access to them.

Those who choose to purchase the software have the option of running DBabble as a stand-alone server, or linking it to other servers worldwide, thus allowing users to communicate globally in a scalable way.

After Sales Service

We pride ourselves on giving our customers unparalleled service. We stand behind our software, if you are not satisfied with the product, performance or customer support we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Highly customizable

DBabble is highly customizable. You can easily change the name from DBabble to whatever you want (e.g. "Your Company Name Messenger"). You can completely customize the web pages.

The appearance of the Windows client is also customizable and you can even change almost every piece of text visible to your users.

User Authentication using DBabble, POP Server, Unix Passwords, MySQL, LDAP or custom authentication modules

DBabble users can be either authenticated via a POP server, use DBabble's built in authentication system, or an external authentication module. Netwin have available external authentication modules for Unix Passwords, NT Passwords, MySQL, LDAP and more.

You can even write your own external authentication module to be used by DBabble. With DBabble's internal authentication system, it can be set up to allow users to create their own accounts (and optionally email passwords to them), or this can be restricted to allow only administrator users to create accounts.

Built in encryption

DBabble supports SSL server to client encrypted communication using both the web interface and Windows client.

Additionally, the Windows client has built in support for client to client public key encrypted instant messages as well as digitally signed instant messages so the recipient can be sure the message really came from who it claims to be from.

The server and client do not need any additional software installed to support these features.

Users do not need direct internet access

DBabble has the advantage over other chat servers that users are able to communicate with external users through a standard http proxy server, whether they are using a web browser or the client for windows.

The windows client automatically uses their Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator proxy server settings if available so that users do not need to go through an often confusing process (from their point of view) of specifying their proxy server settings.

Server management can be fully performed from within the DBabble user interface

All server management needs can be performed from within the DBabble user interface, by any user with administrator privileges. For increased security, this can be restricted to be allowed only from specified IP addresses.

DBabble instant messages

Users can send instant messages to either individual users or to groups of users and optionally attach files to the message.

They can use an optional chat mode where the message recipient(s) can see the text as it is being typed. All messages are stored on the server, so users can read old messages from anywhere they login from.

Administrators can optionally impose user quotas to limit storage space. Users can also choose to send instant messages to email addresses, and can receive email sent to DBabble as instant messages.

The DBabble administrator or individual users can optionally disable the email to instant message feature if they are concerned about instant message spam, or if you want to isolate your server from the outside world.

Reliable message delivery

Unlike many other instant messaging applications (e.g. MSN, ICQ, or those that use the Jabber protocol) where instant message delivery is unreliable and messages sometimes go missing without the sender knowing due to a momentary network error, or just a poorly designed communication protocol, DBabble message delivery is very reliable.

When a user sends a message, it does not disappear from their screen until it has been successfully delivered to every recipient's account on the server. A connected client can not remain connected for more than a few seconds if it has not received every message waiting to be delivered to it.

DBabble Discussions can be linked to usenet (NNTP) groups and interfaced to Email

DBabble provides discussion groups that can be created by any user who has permission to do so. These are similar to usenet (NNTP) groups, and the groups can optionally be linked to pull articles from external usenet groups.

DBabble can also act as an NNTP server, so that news-readers can read DBabble discussions as though they are newsgroups. Additionally, DBabble can act as an SMTP server for the purpose of accepting incoming mail intended as articles for it's discussion groups.

Users are able to tell DBabble to send any new articles in specified groups to them directly via Email or as instant messages. Discussions can also be marked as private and allow only certain users to read and/or post to them.

DBabble Chat Rooms

DBabble provides chat rooms that can be created by any user who has permission to do so. A chat room can optionally be made private so that only specified users have access to it.

Chat rooms can optionally be made encrypted, which means that anything said is automatically encrypted by the DBabble client so that only people listed in the 'Users Present' list can read the message.

Messages in encrypted chat rooms are also digitally signed to prevent users pretending to be someone else.

Automatically connect to ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, or AIM (AOL) while using DBabble

DBabble can automatically connect users to their existing ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, or AIM account whenever they are using DBabble. This allows them to communicate with their friends on these other protocols.

Since the DBabble server handles all the communication with these protocols, users can even access their accounts on these protocols when connecting from behind a firewall that would normally prevent them from accessing their account.

Web browser users can also use this feature. The DBabble server administrator can optionally disable this feature.

Use DBabble for online support

You can use DBabble to insert links into your existing web pages so that your customers can click on a link to initiate a one on one private chat with particular DBabble users or a random online member of a particular DBabble group of users.

If you are using the DBabble windows client and are either not connected to DBabble or haven't moved your mouse or typed anything on your computer recently, then the link inserted into your web page will automatically state that you are not currently available.

Anything typed in these private chats can been seen by the other person as it is being typed to facilitate quick responses.

Or you can set it like this page where if a member of our DBabble support team is online when you view this page, then the top right hand corner contains an embedded DBabble private chat with us. If we are not online then a box listing some features of DBabble is displayed instead.

Server can be optionally linked to remote servers to enable interaction with remote users

DBabble chat servers can either be run as a stand-alone server, or can be linked to other servers worldwide via a master server that informs it of the location of other servers.

Users are then able to communicate with users on other servers, and visit discussions and chat rooms that are hosted on other servers.

Web Pages that are easily customizable to suit your needs.

The web pages displayed to users when using the web browser interface to DBabble are easily customizable by the system administrator, to include anything they want such as advertising images and links.

You can even change the name of the server and windows client from DBabble to anything you want.

DBabble Windows Client

DBabble provides a Windows client that can be downloaded from your DBabble server. This provides users with an easier to use interface, which can offer more functionality such as detecting when a user is idle, and hence probably not at their computer, and a nicer notification system for when new messages arrive, and much more.

Almost every piece of text visible to non administrator users in the Windows client can be changed by the server administrator to anything you want. You can even change the name from DBabble to anything else by changing a single setting.

See some screen shots, try it out yourself at http://free.dbabble.com, or read more about features of DBabble below.

The background image and color scheme used throughout the DBabble Windows client can be changed to use any .gif or .jpg image you want. The DBabble server administrator can even set the default background image and color scheme used for any downloads of the Windows client made from your server.

Can be translated to any language.

DBabble chat server can support multiple languages. DBabble provides a list of all phrases used throughout it for you to translate in to whatever languages you want. You can also use this to change the English version of any piece of text your users see in to whatever you want.

This applies to both the web browser and Windows client versions of DBabble, and includes languages that don't use the same character set as English. Currently we have translations for Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, and Danish available. The German, and Danish translations are complete translations for the latest release version.

The Chinese, Italian, and Spanish translations are partially translated by hand and merged with machine translations. The other translations are entirely machine translations. See DBabble Languages for more details.

DBabble is used by all Netwin Staff

All Netwin staff spread over 2 cities and others working from home use DBabble for our internal instant messaging, and each version of DBabble is tested on our staff before release.

This has resulted in many suggestions for improvements from our staff, which have been implemented and have made DBabble an ideal instant messaging system to use. Most Netwin staff run the Windows client, and the web browser version is also used by staff working on unix machines.

Built in advertisement feature that you disable if you want.

DBabble has a built in advertisement system that lets you specify a list of advertisement images and associated web pages on your server.

Both the web browser and Windows client display random advertisements that are occasionally changed. The advertisement feature can be turned off by the server administrator if you would rather not use it.

Can support up to 10 million users with 10,000 online simultaneously on a single server

A single 1 GHz server can support a user databases of 10 million users, and up to 10,000 online users simultaneously. With a better machine, you can expect better performance. See DBabble Performance for more details.

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