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DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery Crack + Activation Code

DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery Crack + Activation Code

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Download DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery [Crack]

Restoring data that was erased from a device accidentally or intentionally is not an easy job and only through specialized tool can someone get it back in full. When it comes to mobile phones, there are numerous dedicated utilities once can try and one of them is DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery (formerly Mobile Phone Inspector).

When deploying this particular application, you will surely notice the convenient way in which all the functions are placed inside the main window. All the commands are at hand, so finding and recovering the lost files seems an easy task.

The first part of any recovery process is the identification of the target files and this can only be done after a thorough search is conducted. DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery offers several possibilities in this respect, so you can query for missing photos, videos and any other type of file through the dedicated search functions you have at your disposal.

As soon as the phone is connected and you select the type of query you want to carry out, an Explorer-like window will enable you to select the drive to inspect. Inside the right-side pane, you receive a plethora of information regarding the storage media.

An essential characteristic of this type of tools is the operating speed and DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery can work pretty quick. It is able to find whole partitions that were erased and it logs the entire process.

There is another way in which you can get back lost files, more precisely by selecting the range of sectors on the highlighted disk so the application can search only in a specific spot.

Even if it has a decent looks and comes with several search modes, DDR - Mobile Phone Recovery could be easier to operate and with less technical details, so as to attract more users. At this stage, it is more suited for advanced users and for those who have some extra time to spend in order to better understand every bit of information displayed by this tool.

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