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DeepSearch 4.52.003 Crack + Activation Code Updated

DeepSearch Crack + Activation Code Updated

Unix, Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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DeepSearch is the server-based Web site search engine that lets you offer powerful search capabilities to your Web site visitor's at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

DeepSearch is a server utility which was designed as a search engine with strong searching features.

Namo DeepSearch robust indexing engine, easy installation, flexible administration, and customizable result pages make it the perfect choice for all your Web site search needs.

Here are some key features of "DeepSearch":

■ The all-new administrator page displays systematic menus, icons, and up-to-date stats to help administrators manage their websites more easily. In addition, the page refreshes after a certain time period with tips related to administrating and using Namo DeepSearch 4.5

■ The administrators may use the template themes provided by the software to easily choose the most appropriate and suitable design for the search windows and results. In addition, the administrators can choose to make their own templates in order to uniquely design the background, headline, search window, result page, etc.

■ A website running DeepsSearch 4.5 keeps track of the visitors' search words, search cycle, and search periods in order to provide the aggregate analysis to the administrator. This analytical capability also enables the software to display the most popular searches on top and helps the administrator to understand what the popular searches are.

■ Using the Namo DeepSearch 4.5 System tray icon, administrators no longer have to type in the URL in order to access the administrator page. The system tray icon also allows the administrators to conveniently stop the search engine service or switch from the administrator page to the search page and vice versa.

■ By assigning the keywords and topics they want, administrators can receive hourly up-to-date news that contains the assigned key words or topics.

■ Administrators may want to insert optional tags, so that users can search for the information that is only within these tags (i.e.: SJ NAMO,INC. ). The User Tag Indexing is recommended to websites with special contents such as technical terms, jargons, authors, etc.

■ The Category Search helps users to easily grasp the organization of the web site's contents thereby also allowing them to retrieve the information they need with less effort. In the case of websites with a large volumes of content and information, administrators can systematically categorize them for the visitors.

■ Namo DeepSearch 4.5 provides Natural-Language Searching which interprets searches written in question or sentence form.

■ The Meta Search allows the users to not only search within the website but to request other search engines/services to retrieve the search results as well.

■ By setting up the Categorical Indexing, the search engine can provide results that are classified into directories and categories, so that users can understand the search results and contents better.

■ Smart Indexing provides a superior method of re-indexing data and files that are accessed most often. This method makes a periodic indexing unnecessary and hence also reduces the traffic to the target websites for indexing.

■ Some administrators might want different output pages for different menus or categories and not just one simple search result page for all purposes. For example, administrators might want to differentiate a normal search result page and a bulletin board search result page. Namo DeepSearch 4.5 provides multi-template feature in which administrators could customize template designs for different kinds of search result pages.

■ The Partial Indexing helps administrators and webmasters who wish not to display specific websites or pages. For example, when an administrator is operating several websites and wishes to block public access to a specific website for a certain period of time, he/she can exclude that website from the list of target websites for indexing. Partial Indexing, therefore, allows effective management and administration of the web content.

■ The Dictionary Editing feature makes it possible for the administrators to directly add search words other than the default search words. Through this feature, the search engine can improve the accuracy of its results. Dictionary Editing is therefore particularly useful for the websites that contain or will contain technical, professional, or industry-specific words.

■ Perhaps the most powerful feature provided by Namo DeepSearch 4.5. DB indexing allows for the wealth of information and records contained within databases to be available through highly relevant searching.


■ Windows NT 3.51 or higher/2000/2003

■ Linux RedHat 6.0 or newer

■ Linux: 32 MB

■ Windows (all versions): 64 MB

■ Minimum: 7 MB

■ Indexing & searching swap space:

■ approximately twice the size of all collections and queries to be indexed and searched


■ 30 days trial

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