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Delphi2Cpp 1.6.3 Activator Full Version

Delphi2Cpp Activator Full Version

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The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and tools that you could use in order to enhance functions on your computer. One of such applications is Delphi2Cpp.

It allows you to convert Delphi 7 source code to C++. It comes with a lightweight graphical interface with many nice tools that you can check out.

The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a simple and lightweight graphical interface, with plenty of nice tools and features that you can check out.

Delphi2Cpp helps to convert Delphi 7 source code to C++. In many cases a manual post-processing of the produced code will be required. The trial version is limited, if you want to use all features found inside this application you will need to upgrade.

The program aims to keep the amount of the post-processing as small as possible. You will get good C++ translations of your Delphi code only, if you make the correct settings in dialog for the translation options.

You will need to adjust processing options, pick substitutions, select the output compiler and enable special treatment for some VCL functions. You can also pick from Delphi and Standard strings or type in the system namespace.

The interface part and the implementation part of a unit are in Object-Pascal put in one file. In C++ they become a header file and a source file. Variables declared in interface parts are qualified as external in the C++ headers and their instances are included into the implementation cpp-files.

The generated C++ code should be readable. There are free pretty-printers available, with lots of options to format the code just as you like it. All in all, Delphi2Cpp is a simple and lightweight application that you could use in order to convert Delphi source code to C++.

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