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Derivator 2.4 Crack + License Key (Updated)

Derivator Crack + License Key (Updated)

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Derivator is an application developed to help mathematicians or anyone else who wants to calculate the derivative of a function.

It displays a simple and straightforward interface which makes it very easy to use. Derivator is comprised from a window in which all you have to do is enter the function, click the ‘Derive’ button and it displays the result.

An inconvenience to the app is that you have to write the equation in a linear form, which is a bit more difficult to insert than in the classic way. That, however, is something you get used to and as you do, the app proves to be very handy and time efficient.

Derivator allows you to insert the function and after you give it the command to calculate the derivative, it provides the result step by step. You can not copy it to Clipboard or anywhere else for that matter but the app does offer the options to print the result or save it as a text file.

Prior to printing the derivative, you are able to access a preview for it. In a separate window, Derivator enables you to zoom in and out in order to spot any mistakes, view two pages at a time, as well as navigate through them.

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