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Desktop Lock Crack Plus Keygen

Desktop Lock Crack Plus Keygen

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Download Desktop Lock [Crack]

Desktop Lock is a lightweight solution designed to help you tackle a complex problem: keeping your personal data private.

With Desktop Lock you can run a full system lockdown on any user account and prevent unauthorized use of the computer in a simple and effective manner. To do so, you don't have to go through a complicated installation or configuration process.

The application displays a comprehensive interface and offers you a large variety of what can easily be called “self explanatory configuration options”. Desktop Lock enables you to choose if you want to completely block computer access and hide all the opened windows or have it run a specific application or display a document while the PC is locked.

The tasks of locking your computer is very simple. You can choose to restrict access by using a custom combination of keys or toggle to automatically lock the computer once it enters an idle state.

Unlocking on the other hand, is difficult even for the hacking initiate. Once Desktop Lock is active, it disables the use of Task Manager and Windows shortcut. It will also automatically lock the computer after it is restarted without an unsuccessful unlock.

A thing that can definitely be said about Desktop Lock is that it is created to match a large variety of office and personal environments. For example you can use it during an exam or at home to restrict computer access for children.

Desktop Lock also enables you to schedule daily, weekly and monthly computer locks at specified time intervals and can be set to automatically unlock the machine once the time interval passes.

During the lockdown, you can have the application display a banner with a custom message, a background image, a multimedia file or you can draw on your desktop using a Paint-like app.

For an application this small in “stature” you can easily say that it gets the job done in selectively restricting access to your computer.

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