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DetachPipe Free 8.0.0 Crack With Serial Key 2021

DetachPipe Free Crack With Serial Key 2021

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DetachPipe Free is a reliable Outlook add-in that enables you to batch remove attachments from emails, in order to reduce their size before forwarding them. Additionally, it can save the attached file to a local folder, thus creating a backup for it. Moreover, it erases the attachment from the PST file, improving its storage capabilities.

DetachPipe Free creates an individual menu for itself in the Outlook command ribbon. The functions of the add-in are easy to access from the dedicated tab. Thus, you may choose to detach or instantly detach a file, to delete the association or restore lost files. Additionally, you may save the adjacent document to your computer, as it is or as compressed file.

The software supports batch removing the attachments from emails, even from entire folders that you created on your email account. The add-in can prove useful in case you wish to forward emails to other contacts and you either do not wish to send them the attachment as well, or if you want to reduce the size of the message.

The add-in enables you to completely remove the attachment from the email, or to maintain certain traces of their association. You may unlink the attachment from the email itself, or to remove it but maintain the specific icon next to the address.

You may manage all incoming or outgoing emails this way. In case of incoming messages, the add-in can detect and free the attachment from the email before it reaches Inbox (or the designated folder), whereas the outgoing emails are those you send out as forward. Usually, when sending a message forward to someone, the attachment is preserved, but DetachPipe Free can release it and send exclusively the message.

Not only can DetachPipe Free handle your emails before them reaching Inbox, or leaving Outbox/Sent, but you may also set it to perform the task at a later time. Simply enable the Scheduled Detach and set the required configuration. With DetachPipe Free, you can eliminate the attached files from incoming or outgoing emails, then save them to your computer or delete them permanently.

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