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Disk Check 1.3 Crack + Activator (Updated)

Disk Check Crack + Activator (Updated)

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Disk Check provides an user-friendly GUI for the CHKDSK utility, allowing you to run safe scans of disk drives, in order to verify the integrity of the files system, detect existing logical file system errors and fix them. Additionally, it can check the disk surface for bad or corrupted sectors and attempt to recover them.

As complex its task may seem, as simple it its to use the program. All the disk drives (including removable ones) are automatically detected by the application and displayed in a structured manner.

The main interface consists of a single window where all the options are visible. You can view the found volumes, along with their corresponding file system, the total and the free storage space.

Disk Check is capable of scanning multiple disks at once, creating a status report for each one. The scanning duration takes more or less time, depending on the disk size and the fragmentation of the stored data.

The report includes details concerning the total disk space, the number of files and indexes it contains, detected bad sectors, free and occupied space. Information on the allocation units is also available.

Found errors can be repaired with the push of a button, with an option to recover corrupted data. Disk Check analyzes bad sectors, trying to retrieve the stored data in the process. The analysis and repairing process can be stopped at any time.

Optionally, the application can be scheduled to run at the following system boot, so that you don't interrupt your work.

Disk Check relies on the CHKDSK command in order to analyze your disk drives, identify errors, locate bad sectors and try to repair all the damage. It is a viable alternative to those who prefer working with a GUI, rather than the command console.

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