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DocPoint Crack With Activation Code Latest

DocPoint Crack With Activation Code Latest

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For those who work with multiple data, be it digital documents, papers, emails or different records, an efficient management system for all that information is mandatory. There are many software packages that offer such a solution, but DocPoint addresses its features to a broader range of domains, with increased capabilities of storing large volumes of information. It will provide users with an agile solution for maintaining all their documents and records organized and archived neatly, with many useful features such as its email extractor or integration with the MS Office package.

DocPoint features a basic interface, with plenty of open space, which always starts maximized and, unfortunately, cannot be adjusted in any way to the preferred size. This might annoy users right off the bat, since it provides no actual features in its vast, blank layout and therefore occupies useful display space.

In terms of use, one can easily create and define various document types: incoming, outgoing and internal document cards, with plenty of details for all the record entries. However, on our tests, once opened, the document card windows could not be closed in any way, unless some data was entered in its fields. Those who need to return to other modules might find this irritating, as all access to the other features is disabled.

Users will be able to create different profiles for the document archival feature and each profile will offer increased document management features: moving records, assigning them to different libraries / favorites lists, classification criteria and, its main feature, the cabinet folder tree. Nevertheless, novice users must be prepared to do some initial configuration prior to handling their documents with this application.

Looking on the downside of things, DocPoint provided numerous occasions in which it exhibited an unstable behavior, with errors that resulted in total freezing of its instances. Users who require a reliable solution for managing their documents might not appreciate this, as they need a constant action of the application.

Being able to store and organize all their records in a virtual cabinet, could improve the workflow of many users and, in addition to that, DocPoint will offer them ease of use through its document classification scheme or the integration with MS Office. Nevertheless, its counter-intuitive layout design and the unstable behavior exhibited on our tests might concern those who demand a reliable and consistent solution for managing their documents.

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