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Doctor application by MEDiX 3.9.3 Crack + Activation Code

Doctor application by MEDiX Crack + Activation Code

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Doctors with lots of patients require an efficient and reliable platform that supports large data sets and assists them in keeping track of the medical history of each person. One viable software solution ready to meet their needs is called Doctor application by MEDiX, a user-friendly application that can store patient records and manage daily appointments.

At first launch, you are greeted by the 'Doctor console', which can be used for accessing the main program and performing data backups of the patient database.

The main window neatly displays the up-coming appointments and a list of the records you recently edited. The main menu offers access to various options, such as creating a new patient record, a new appointment or adding a new contact to the database.

The variety of information that this application can remember is quite impressive. Aside from the name, the birth date, gender, address, occupation and contact data for the patient and its closest relative, it enables you to assign a photo to each entry, as well as insurance information and additional notes.

Furthermore, it can store details concerning all kinds of diseases and medical conditions, along with pregnancy information, allergies, nutrition issues and vaccines administered to the patient. Past prescriptions can also be assigned to the patient chart and scanned images can be attached to the record.

Thanks to the various filtering options, the search tool can prove useful in case you want to find a particular record in a large database, while the built-in calendar enables you to efficiently organize your schedule.

Access to the database can be protected by a username and a password and the medical archive can be automatically encrypted when closing the program, for security purposes.

Along all the above-mentioned advantages, the application features portability, which means that it can be launched from a USB removable drive, without leaving traces on the host computer. Considering the above, Doctor application by MEDiX can prove useful to all doctors, allowing them to give up keeping patient records on paper.

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