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DOSRDP 2.4 Crack With Activation Code 2021

DOSRDP Crack With Activation Code 2021

Windows XP, Windows 2K


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DOSRDP acts as a DOS-based RDP client that enables you to remotely access a Windows terminal server. It is one of the few remote desktop protocol clients available for the DOS platform, providing compatibility with boot disks that carry Windows editions up to XP.

With the help of DOSRDP, you can remotely connect to a Windows 2000, NT and XP terminal servers. The host machine minimum configuration requirements are low.

The configuration procedure is pretty straightforward, since all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to select the network card and customize the server settings. DOSRDP provides support for multiple types of network cards and various manufacturers, such as D-Link, Intel, Realtek, Accton and so on. If your network adapter is not listed, then select the designated option from the drop-down list.

DOSRDP enables you to enter the desired host name and configure the TCP/IP connection. It can either use DHCP or a static address. In the latter case, you must specify the IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway.

During the configuration operation, you are prompted to enter the address of the terminal server, set the screen resolution, the color depth and adjust the refresh rate. Once you do so, you will be one step away from finalizing.

DOSRDP allows remote booting and supports multiple keyboard layouts for various languages. It provides you with a fast method to access teminal services, with minimal configuration and intuitive options.

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