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DriveClone Workstation 11.10 Crack + Activation Code Updated

DriveClone Workstation Crack + Activation Code Updated

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DriveClone is a powerful application designed to help you create full disk cloning, incremental backups and file version duplicates. The software enables you to create a copy of your computer’s hard drive or duplicate only the selected disks and partitions. A disk clone implies the copying of all data, files, folders, including settings and disk partition information.

The software enables you to easily create full system duplicates and save the information to another hard disk or to SSD. The resulting system clones are 100% defragmented and immediately bootable, thus, in case of disaster, you can easily recover your data, settings and partition information.

The software is capable of creating full drive/partition clones, or perform incremental cloning, which implies duplicating only the data that has been modified since the last cloning operation. In case you create backups for your system regularly, the incremental cloning can significantly reduce the cloning time.

The software features the Mirror Drive function that enables you to create an immediately bootable drive that you can use on multiple computers in case of 0 time disaster recovery. The output file is an identical copy of the original system, which is why it can be booted and used immediately, on a similar computer.

Moreover, you can use DriveClone in order to copy or transform a hard drive to a virtual machine. All your data, files, settings or partition information are preserved and transferred to the output file, which you can load and play with the proper applications. The software also supports UEFI, GPT or RAID cloning, as well as saving Windows settings.

DriveClone is capable of creating drive clones and saving them in universal bootable format, so you can boot it on several different types of computers. Additionally, it can create Mirror Clones, incremental cloning and save files’ versions backup features. DriveClone is a reliable tool for data migration that can also perform a defragmentation process during the information transfer. It constitutes a useful solution for disaster recovery and saving system space.

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