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DriveSwap32 1.3.7567 Crack + Serial Key Download 2021

DriveSwap32 Crack + Serial Key Download 2021

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download DriveSwap32 [Crack]

DriveSwap will allow you to hot-swap your hard drives, ZIP drives, tape drives, and many other devices without requiring you to purchase expensive hardware or having to reboot your computer.

You also get the convenience of those over priced external drives without sacrificing the speed you really want from a fast drive. Use DriveSwap and hot-swap your drives to save time, money, increases security, blazing speed, or just the convenience.

Saves Time: You can remove one drive and insert another without having to reboot your computer. This is called hot-swapping and can save you several minutes every time. You don't have to close all your running applications, shutdown your computer, remove the drive, insert the new drive, power on your computer, login, and then restart all your applications again. With just two clicks the drive is ready to remove, then swap drives and with one more click the new drive is ready to use. What use to take minutes, now takes just seconds.

Easy to Use: DriveSwap has a simple, but powerful user interface. Check the boxes for the devices you want to remove and press the 'Remove Devices' button. You can't mess things up by accident and damage your computer. DriveSwap won't remove devices that have open files and won't let you remove the boot drive.

Works With Almost Any Device: DriveSwap works with almost any device. It doesn't require the device to support hot-swapping. All kinds of bus connections are supported including: IDE, ATAPI, SATA, SCSI, USB, and FireWire.

Faster Than USB 2.0: Even the fastest USB 2.0 or Firewire external drives are only about half as fast as an EIDE ATA-100/133 hard drive in a removable IDE drive tray, and SATA drives are even faster yet.

Take Your Data With You! Do you have multiple offices or want to work at home? Tired of copying data back and forth from CDs or ZIP disks? Just put your data on a removable drive and take it with you!

Secure Your Data: Never worry about loosing your data because of theft, fire, earthquake, flood, or lightning, just remove your drive and take it with you or put it in a secure vault. Prevent unauthorized access to your data during non-office hours by removing it and locking it away. Limit access to highly sensitive data by keeping it on an encrypted removable drive and storing it in a vault.


В■ Designed to be used with removable drive trays also called mobile racks.


В■ 30 days trial

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