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DropClock 1.0.1 Crack With Serial Key Latest

DropClock Crack With Serial Key Latest

Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Even when you’re away from your computer, doing something across the room, you might want to at least know what time it is. So, when your screensaver pops up, you should be able to see, very clearly, the exact time.

DropClock is a program that comes with a great animation that can surely delight you. The hours and minutes are expressed in a big and heavy font, which is easy to spot even from a distance. The numbers basically drop into glasses of water in slow motion, creating beautiful imagery by providing realistic water splashes with each dive.

You can choose one of the three sizes provided for this software (full, medium, small) and you can also change the color scheme. The black background comes as a default option, but you can also opt for white with black numbers. However, in that case, the water splashes aren’t as visible. It all depends on each person’s preferences.

DropClock is a great-looking screensaver that works well. Since it's synchronized with your computer clock, it should always display the correct time. Installing it is easy and choosing it from the Windows interface is done without a problem.

Less experienced users should find this program easy to figure out, mostly due to the lack of advanced settings.

DropClock Crack With Serial Key Latest DropClock Crack With Activator Latest DropClock Crack + Activator Download 2021

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