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DTM Data Generator 3.02.17 Crack With Activator 2023

DTM Data Generator Crack With Activator 2023

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Developers, administrators and QA engineers must generate data manually to test their new databases. This process takes between several hours to a few days of dull work to complete. DTM Data Generator is a software solution that enables users to generate data to populate a variety of databases.

DTM Data Generator is easy to install and requires minimum resources to work. The application is able to connect to a number of databases through various interfaces, such as ODBC, IDAPI, OLE DB, or OCI (Oracle Call Interface).

Users are then able to organize their projects and create individual rules for each database. The application can generate either random or repeatable data in order to analyze the performance of their databases. A 'Rule Wizard' feature is available, so that beginners can use the program more easily.

The application is able to analyze the existing database schema without making modifications to the project. It can test internal structure, relationships and dependencies. This feature is available for both database systems and desktop files.

DTM Data Generator also provides a value library, enabling users to select predefined sets of names, countries, cities, etc. to make the data more realistic. The application can easily generate a few million data rows and enables users to implement personal data from other databases, CSV or text files, Excel spreadsheets and XML documents.

Users can add large objects to selected database columns. The application selects random files from a specified folder and verifies the loading process to an existing table. Users must keep in mind that this process is automated and all existing BLOBs are overwritten without prompt.

In conclusion, DTM Data Generator is an essential tool when testing databases. Both beginners and experts can use this software to populate their databases and observe how they work in realistic conditions.

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