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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack With Serial Key Latest

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack With Serial Key Latest

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Finding photo duplicates can be difficult to achieve, since you cannot look through them as you would with text documents and the filenames are not usually of any help. Hence, you might end up with a large quantity of duplicate pictures on your computer, which can occupy a decent amount of hard disk space.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a software utility that lends you a helping hand on this matter, by enabling you to search for duplicate photos and analyze their content. Hence, you are able to identify similar pictures and quickly remove them from your system, or store them in another location to avoid confusion.

In order to start the scan process, all you have to do is to select the desired folder or drive and wait for the application to run through the files and compare them with each other. The results are then displayed into the main window and you can also choose the desired display mode, such as table and tree view, depending on the amount of details you want to receive about every item.

As previously mentioned, the utility uses a content-based image retrieval method to recognize duplicates, by analyzing them for RGB color component changes. Thus, you are provided with the ability to adjust the similarity threshold, in order to tell the application how similar the pictures have to be in order to be considered duplicates. This is achieved by using the integrated slider, which runs from 50% to 100%.

In addition, you can also choose to skip hidden objects and use the grayscale comparison during the scan, for a more targeted search. Furthermore, a wide variety of image extensions and formats are supported, including BMP, JPG and PNG, as well as raw Photoshop PSD documents.

In the end, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a useful software utility, thanks to the versatile duplicate finder algorithm and the wide array of supported formats. In addition, the fact that you can control the similarity threshold, coupled with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, make the application a handy utility to have around on your computer.

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